Hi, folks!!

August 10th, 2013.

Construction of this new site is designed specifically with tablet PC's and iPads in mind. Either portrait or landscape mode - but it should also look pleasant (when completed) on laptop screens. If you can view on a PC and/or device that runs "Flash" then we suggest that you look at www.ukfrtol.co.uk

It's much nicer on a large monitor.

It will take time, so please bear with us. The "Licence and Ratings" tab (and all of the associated horizontal button menu on each of the subsequent pages) leads to an eight (short) page explanation of the differences between a pilot "licence" and a "rating", as well as the differences between - and the requirements for - a rating "revalidation" and a rating "renewal".

If you want the entire document in one go (touchscreen tablets?) click the "Scroll All (Tablets)" tab at the end of the "Licence and Ratings" sub-menu.

There is now a full radiotelephony training package (which is also currently available on the www.ukfrtol.co.uk website) behind the aptly named "Radio Telephony" tab. This tab leads to a 'landing page', from which any of four multi-page subsections are available, to cover the entire radio telephony training syllabus including a sample practical test.

Again, a "Scroll All (Tablets)" tab can be found on any of the Radio telephony sub-nav menus at the top of each page in a section, and gives access to a full length scrollable copy of the entire section.

We just added a couple of practice VHF Written Examinations. They can be found on the "Quiz?" tab.

There are four "cartoons" on the cartoon tab - hopefully a fun way of explaining some of the techniques of radio communication.

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, feel free to email me at paul@easaexaminer.com

Use of the site and the radio telephony training package is free of charge. We pay for hosting it all and we donate all the hours of time for writing it, trying to keep it updated and the construction of some practice written examinations.. If you find any of it useful, or agree that it will (or has) save(d) you multiple hours of instructor based groundschool at an hourly rate - please consider a small donation to help fund it. US$1 per visit? $5, $10, $20 for the whole thing? Up to you.Whatever you think it is worth.


Cartoon Introduction

Hmmm, I'm not quite sure what has gone wrong here. There *was* a cartoon, that served as an introduction to the four main cartoons that are available on the "Cartoons" tab in the menu.

The server that hosted the cartoons has closed, so they now link to YouTube - but this one won't do it. I'll fix it when I can. Just go to the cartoons tab and watch the others.